ADHD is the acronym of Attention

ADHD is the acronym of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, often called as Attention Deficit Disorder. This is a condition, which has a disorderly behavioral pattern and is related to brain based disorder. This is a disorder condition, which affects those parts of the brain, which is responsible for attention control and concentration.  This disorder can be describedas continuous loss of focus and/or hyperactivity in a person.




This ADHD usually sprouts out in early childhood days and is later carried forward to adulthood in few cases. It is quite usual to see a kid wandering around in the classroom, being inattentive and is subject to frequent complaints by the class teacher. Most of the parents leave these symptoms unattended and consider all these as childhood mischiefs. But there are quite a few cases wherein these behavioral disorder patterns later develop into a stage called ADHD.


The ADHD usually occurs before the age of 7 and out of approximately 75% of people who suffer from ADHD; this condition is carried over from their childhood days. The only difference if the level of hyperactivity keeps decreasing as the person grows older.




In the recent days there is a lot of awareness spreading all around about ADHD and parents no longer shy away from taking medical or psychiatric assistance to their beloved kids. ADHD is no longer seen as a psychiatric condition that needs to be hidden from others please visit openforest . There are a lot of centers spreading awareness about ADHD and helping people to cope up with this condition and gradually get them out of this and help them lead a normal and happy life.


Types of ADHD:


There are basically three types of ADHD, based on the symptoms:

In this type the affected person finds it hard to pay attention to anything. It is almost impossible for them to complete any assigned task due to lack of attention and concentration.

In this case, the person can never be silent and stay still. The level of hyperactivity differs according to the age, younger kids keep jumping all over the place, grab things from others, never sit in the place allocated to them in the classroom, keep distracting others and often happen to be the trouble maker type. Coming to adults, they can never stop talking. People with type of ADHD often incur more injuries/accidents due to their hyperactive behavior.

People under this category have both the types of symptoms as of the earlier mentioned types.

Symptoms of ADHD – In Children:


These symptoms are actually found in most of the kids and mere presence of these symptoms does not make a child an ADHD affected kid. It is the level and frequency of the occurrences of these symptoms that makes us doubt if the kid might have ADHD.


ADHD – Diagnosis:


Unlike most of the physical ailments that can be easily diagnosed by a set of routine medical tests, ADHD diagnosis is totally different and is a quite challenging task, especially with kids.This Diagnosis has to be done by a properly trained and certified psychiatrist/psychologist/pediatrician wherein the specialist observe and categorize the behavioral patterns of the kid at various places like school, home and at public places.


NEBA System:


The ADHD condition might be well diagnosed by the NEBA (Neuropsychiatric EEG- based Assessment Aid). This Electro EncephaloGram system helps specialists to come to a solid conclusion of the presence of ADHD Condition in children.


Causes of ADHD:


There cannot be a set list of causes that can be attributed to the ADHD condition. This being a behavioral disorder, different causes are been attributed to this disorder. Some common causes include:

Organizations offering help to cope up with ADHD:

There are many non-profit organizations that help people to cope up with this severe behavior pattern disorder. This condition ultimately affects the social life of the affected person. This results in the person loosing self-confidence, self-esteem and the basic positivity in life.

In order to save these people from this difficult and untoward situation, organizations come up with, screenings, medical advises, specialist suggestions and psychiatric counseling.

Open Forest is one such website that offers suggestions, treatments and courses to people suffering from various behavioral disorder like:

This company also has some very useful articles related to medical and mental health related topics. It also publishes a dedicated newsletter, which gives out detailed explanations about various psychiatric related issues.


The Self Help Course for Adults:


Open Forest has launched a new self-help course that helps adults to come out of their mental health problems. Although there is a lot of awareness about these issues, still there are few people who find it difficult and shy away from visiting a doctor in person to take proper treatments.

It is for such people that this self-help course was formulated by open forest. This not only caters to the needs of the affected person but also people around them who deal with them on a day-to-day basis.